Monday, October 31, 2011

Brain drain

I have lost my ability for speech, I am flabbergasted, I am so astounded that I have somebody else write this.  Dictation is by tears.

The government has made an announcement.  It comes from the "Secretário de Estado da Juventude e do Desporto", Alexandre Miguel Mestre. "A secretariado de estado" is one of many subministers (trick to have governments seem smaller than they are as the number of überministers can be small).  "Juventude and Desporto" is youth and sport.  Mr. Mestre belongs to the Deputy and Parliamentary Affairs Minister, Mr. Miguel Relvas.

What a Deputy and Parliamentary Affairs Minister does, nobody knew.  Now we know he is the boss of Mr. Mestre.

Mr. Mestre has announced that young people should leave their comfort zone to find a job.  I entirely agree, until Mr. Mestre then declares all of Portugal the comfort zone of youths.  Yes, you already got the geist of his communiqúe.

Mr. Mestre is asking young people to emigrate to find a job.  Pack the luggage. Leave the country. Get lost.  There is no future here.  Our investment in you is a write off.

He then continues "the country can not look at emigration only with negativistic (politician speak for pessimisteyes  concerning brain drain"

Mr. Mestre - you should have told East Germany so many years ago...   In spite of them making the DDR a prison to try stop people running away, to this day the brain drain is still felt in the eastern part of Germany.

However, I can see your point and the advantages.   It will permit lower expenses, lower the number of infants, improve the unemployment statistics, decrease the amount and violence of demonstrations and it will permit people like you to stay in power.

When every person in Portugal with any initiative or IQ has left, then the rest can leave - as there is no reason to remain and the country will have no future.

The last one leaving can turn off the lights.

PS.  The subministry seems to be closed already.  The rats are smart and are always the first to leave the sinking ship.   When you try to access the website - it says:

maintenance - we will try to be brief

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