Friday, December 30, 2011

Rescind membership of the UN

Portugal and a lot of other countries could save money leaving the wasteful organization called the United Nations.  United as in saluting dictators like Stalin, Hitler and Kim Jong-Il.

Personally, I would rather not be united with countries like North Korea.  Perhaps 10% of the population has been killed in concentration camps.  If you happen to be seen as critical of anything in North Korea:  You, your wife, your parents and your children are sent to concentration camps.  The population as a whole is starving.  In the concentration camp you starve to death.  It is cheaper than gassing, I suppose.
No wonder the North Koreans have learned to cry on demand.

And yet this is the reaction of the UN to the death of a monster:
UN offices worldwide lowered their flag to half-mast as North Korea began a 2-day funeral for dictator Kim Jong-il. Above: UN European headquarters in Geneva, seat of the UN Human Rights Council, Dec. 28, 2011. (Photo: UN Watch)
Hat tip: UNWatch

I find it distasteful.  It is nauseating political correctness, and the symptom of a wasteful unnecessary bureaucracy.

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