Monday, December 19, 2011

Joy, we will pay but not receive

Mr. Passos Coelho, our dear prime minister, has told us that in twenty years pensions will be half of what they are today.

He is right, of course.  The social security is broke.  The money has been spent.  People live too long and the thought of a pension equivalent to a full salary is preposterous.  In twenty years not only will the pensions be half - I think even less - also retirement will be ten years or more later.

Meanwhile, we the workers, can enjoy the pleasure of contributing to paying a full salary to the relatively young current retirees.  Already, 80% tax on the money paid by an employer for having an employee is not unheard of.  We can't even blame the majority of current retirees - they had their money stolen by thieves politicians working for their own the common good.


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